SuperFeet YELLOW - Winter Sports & Boots Low to Med Arch Support

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Recommended For:


- feet with low to medium arches, although these inserts work for all foot types.


- hockey skates, figure skates, road cycling shoes, track spikes and western boots.

SuperFeet YELLOW Insoles With Low To Medium Arches For Winter Sports And Western Boots are designed especially for the narrow heel-to-toe profile of footwear with elevated heels, including skates, track spikes, road cycling shoes and more. These shoe insoles add additional comfort and performance to these slim specialty shoes while improving their fit. And now, YELLOW insoles are wider at the front than they were previously, providing full underfoot coverage. Plus, the Diamond venting system lines up with the perforations in hockey skates and cycling shoes so you don’t lose air circulation when you install these insoles.

Otherwise, these insoles provide most of the same features as other SuperFeet insoles, including the stabilizer cap that helps you get optimal underfoot support. This deep cap cradles your heel’s natural fat pad, improving its ability to absorb shocks. There’s also a full forefoot shock pad for extra comfort and better shock absorption under the toes and metatarsals. Rebound high-density hybrid EVA foam improves comfort and performance while improving the overall fit and feel of these inserts too.

And smelly feet and shoes shouldn’t be a problem because of the Agion top cover treatment. This silver-based agent doesn’t come off on your socks, but it kills bacteria that causes odor and creates skin health issues for your feet if not managed. That means your insoles actually decrease the likelihood of smelly feet instead of increasing it.

Especially during athletic activities, proper foot alignment is crucial to preventing injuries and pain in the feet, hips, knees and back. In fact, problems in many parts of the body can be traces to improperly aligned skeletal structures in the feet, but SuperFeet YELLOW insoles reduce stress on muscles and ligaments and help your feet feel better. Never get sidelined again by plantar fasciitis pain, discomfort from heel spurs or other foot health issues when you depend on these inserts.


Sizes Available:

A-G | Men: 5.5 to 15 US | Women: 2.5 to 12.5+ US Junior: 13.5 to 4 US


Common Questions:

What if these insoles increase foot odor?

The Agion top cover should prevent that, but you can also decrease or eliminate odors by airing out insoles after every wearing, washing them frequently with mild soap and water and applying baby powder inside your shoes. Clean your feet with Epsom salts once or twice and week and apply scented body lotion to further reduce smelly feet.

What’s the difference between SuperFeet YELLOW and SuperFeet BLACK insoles?

YELLOW insoles are designed for skates, western boots and others shoes that stand about an inch and a half off the ground at the heel. BLACK insoles are designed for shoes with no heel elevation.

Which insoles should I choose for cycling shoes?

That depends. BLUE or BLACK insoles are a great choice for tight-fitting commuter shoes and maintain biking shoes, but YELLOW insoles are best for road biking shoes with elevated heels. If a shoe has an inner slope, YELLOW insoles are likely the best choice.

Why are SuperFeet YELLOW insoles so narrow?

SuperFeet YELLOW insoles are narrower than BLACK, BLUE and GREEN insoles because they’re designed to fit inside narrow shoes like skates and western boots. The plastic cap must be small to fit inside.

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