Dr. Archy arch massage, support, and stretch

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Product Overview

From long-haul flights, working at your computer, watching TV, or preparing for a walk or run, the Dr. Archy arch massager is the quick and easy solution for your sore and achy arches.

Working the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the lower leg and foot, Dr. Archy helps relieve sore feet, heel/arch pain, and plantar fasciitis. The major muscle supports in the plantar surface of the foot get massaged and relaxed by the natural motion of Dr. Archy.

Dr. Archy can provide temporary relief from pain associated with plantar fasciitis, spurs and tired feet. Patients with plantar fasiciitis can use Dr. Archy as a device to stretch the plantar fascia and increase flexibility. Those experiencing soreness from tired feet will benefit from the therapeutic massaging benefits.

The 3 major muscle supports in the foot’s plantar surface (sole) are thoroughly massaged and relaxed with the included Dr. Archy attachments. Dr. Archy provides helps provide the therapeutic benefits of trigger-point therapy (the release of painful muscular knots) and myofascial release (deep tissue work) by stretching, massaging, and relaxing the plantar fascia whereby extinguishing the myofascial trigger points.

Dr. Archy’s all-in-one foot tool can be used to therapeutically treat your arches with gentle, yet robust, massage which can help treat the symptoms usually associated with sore feet, heel/arch pain, and plantar fasciitis.

The Dr. Archy system includes the foot cuff, ball rolller, bar roller, and a convenient carrying bag.

NOT to be used while walking on your feet to avoid falling or injury.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review