Superfeet Black DMP - Low to Medium Arch Support


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Product Overview



Superfeet BLACK DMP Insoles with Low to Medium Arches feature the company’s Dynamic Molding Process for sensitive feet. This technology actually makes shoes fit better as you wear them while helping to relieve plantar fasciitis pain and more. And like all Superfeet shoe insoles from, they’re sturdy, reliable, premium-quality inserts that will serve you well. They work best in shoes with removable insoles.

The Dynamic Molding Process involves an impressionable top layer of comfy memory foam that cradles your feet’s unique shape, giving you the kind of fit and stability you’ll never get from built-in shoe insoles. Below the memory foam is a PU foam layer that adds stability and a D-Foam bottom layer. The Encapsulating Stabilizer System included in these insoles features an innovative stabilizer cap that provides unmatched support. It helps your feet’s natural heel fat pads provide the shock absorption you need.

To keep Superfeet BLACK DMP insoles from contributing to smelly feet and shoes, these inserts are treated with Agion technology, a silver-based antimicrobial agent that’s built into the top cover of the inserts.

If pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and other foot health issues is causing you problems but you have sensitive feet and find many other insoles unacceptable or uncomfortable, try Superfeet BLACK DMP insoles with the comfortable memory foam layer that cradles your feet.

Recommended For:

- people with low to medium arches, but they work for all arch types.

- people with sensitive feet who want a podiatrist-recommended insole they can tolerate.

- most casual, athletic and everyday hoes with removable insoles.


Sizes Available:

B-G | Men: 5.5 to 17 US | Women: 4.5 to 12.5+ US


Common Questions:

Can I use BLACK DMP shoe insoles in running shoes?

You can, but this isn’t recommended. These insoles are designed for low-impact activities like standing, walking, golfing and similar activities. That’s for three reasons. First, the foam has three layers and could heat up inside the shoe, leading to discomfort. Second, these are thick insoles that may not fit as well after your feet have swollen from high-impact activities. Finally, the friction-prevention properties of the top layer won’t work as well if used during high impact activities.


How can I decide if BLACK DMP or COPPER DMP insoles are best for me?

BLACK DMP insoles have a comfortable and therapeutic top cover that prevents excess motion and reduces friction, making them great for sensitive feet. COPPER DMP insoles also have a nylon cover over the top that those with feet sensitivity issues may find irritating, hot or uncomfortable. Otherwise, the two types of insoles are very similar.


Will insoles increase foot odor?

Because of the Agion antibacterial top cover, they should actually help lessen shoe and foot odor. If you find increased odor using these insoles, be sure you remove insoles after each use and allow to dry. You may want to wash the insoles gently with mild soap and water, apply talcum powder inside your shoes and wash your feet thoroughly before and after using these insoles to help lessen odor.


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Warranty Information

1 Year


(No reviews yet) Write a Review