SuperFeet Merino Grey Insoles Medium To High Arch Support

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SuperFeet Merino GREY Insoles With Medium To High Arches are the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm and well-supported on soft wool. Designed for footwear that have removable factory insoles, these insoles are about more than just shock absorption and maximum support. They include a thick layer made of 90 percent Merino wool that provides unmatched comfort. It goes perfectly with the FOUNDATION foam layer and the stabilizer cap that makes sure your foot is properly aligned.


When you combine the natural thermoregulating properties of Merino wool with SuperFeet’s amazing support and performance, you get something truly remarkable. These shoe insoles are perfect for adding the structure your feet need to boots, shoes, loafer or any other kind of roomy footwear that don’t come with enough built-in support. No matter whether your life involves walking or standing, city streets or country living, you can be sure that SuperFeet Merino GREY insoles are right for your removable insole shoes.


A number of health problems can be related to your feet, so choosing warm and soft supportive inserts like these is a smart idea. When you correct your foot skeletal alignment issues, you may be surprise how many aches and pains will clear up. Plus, foot issues like plantar fasciitis pain, heel spurs pain and other similar foot and heel pain problems could be things of the past when you regularly use these insoles from They help with pronation, blisters, bunions and hot spots too.


Other insoles may seem comfortable for a while, but the cap and firm support of these insoles ensures that they won’t fail quickly like some inferior brands. For maximum relief and longevity, you need the firm support of SuperFeet insoles.


Recommended For:

- feet with medium to high arches.

- roomy shoes with removable factory insoles.


Available Sizes:

A-H | Men: 5.5 to 17 US | Women: 2.5 to 12+ US Junior: 13.5 to 4 US

Common Questions:

How much support do SuperFeet Merino GREY insoles offer?

The support is about the same as with SuperFeet GREEN insoles. Both have the same stabilizer cap and the deep heel cup, but GREY insoles take up more room your shoes because that luxurious wool top cover is thicker than the top cover on the GREEN insoles.

How do I clean GREY insoles?

Because of the wool, cleaning GREY insoles is different from cleaning other SuperFeet insoles. You should take care to avoid heat, detergents and agitation when washing these shoe insoles to avoid damage. To clean, shake the insoles and clap against your hand or a table to release debris and loose dirt. Then, simply wash with cool water and a mild soap. Wipe away or pat out spots with your fingers. Press dry with a towel, but never use the dryer or heat of any kind.

Do GREY insoles help with plantar fasciitis and heel pain?

All SuperFeet insoles help with heel pain and plantar fasciitis pain, but you may get better results from firmer insoles without the wool top cover. Everyone’s experience is different, however. All inserts restore the neutral position of the foot, and that can help better align bones and muscles, reducing pain, no matter the cause.

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