PowerStep® Pinnacle Low


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Product Overview

Your arch shape should determine which insole is best for you.

Low arches tend to cause overpronation -- foot and ankles roll inward, placing pressure on bigger toes and inside of foot. Low arches need slight arch support and cushioning to control motion and alleviate pressure.

The PowerStep® Pinnacle Low, with built-in low arch support and two layers of plush cushioning, is the perfect balance of comfort and support. Featuring the signature PowerStep® arch shape, these insoles cradle the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control, to control excess stress on joints and tendons.

By combining the PowerStep® clinically-proven arch shape, semi-rigid low arch support shell, and cushioning, the PowerStep® Pinnacle Low is a trusted solution to improve foot function, decrease arch pain, and help alleviate common foot conditions typically caused by overpronation.

Covered under US Patent #D846,853

  • Semi-rigid support shell is firm but flexible for increased comfort and stability
  • Dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base and plush foam top layer
  • Provides heel stability with built-in low arch support and heel cradle
  • Anti-microbial top fabric reduces heat, friction, and perspiration
  • Contoured low arch support
  • Deep heel cradle for motion control
  • Perfect balance of comfort and support for overpronation
  • Increases stability and reduces pain associated with low arches
  • Ideal for: overpronation, knee and back pain, Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, arch pain, heel spurs, and bunions


  • Semi-rigid, polypropylene support shell
  • Anti-microbial, polyester top fabric, Orange
  • Dual layer cushioning with EVA base, Royal Blue, and Foam top layer, Black
  • Available in 11 U.S. shoe sizes ranging from Men's 4 to 16+, and Women's 6 to 12.
  • Indications: Knee & Back Pain; Plantar Fasciitis; Overpronation; Shin Splints; Arch Pain; Heel Spurs; Bunions
  • Great For: Athletic Shoes, Dress & Casual Shoes

Warranty Information

1 Year


(No reviews yet) Write a Review