KidZerts Children's Heel Cups Small 13 - 2 Kids

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Recommended by podiatrists to relieve heel pain and discomfort while supporting healthy foot growth, KidZerts Children’s Heel Cups from are low-profile heel cups that slip perfectly into any shoe to hold the heel in place, adding stability and keeping feet pain-free. Created from EVA semi-firm foam rubber with polyester top covers the kills hundreds of bacteria types, these heel cups also contribute to eliminating smelly feet and foot skin problems.


Inside the heel cup is a polyurethane plug that offers amazing shock absorption and heel protection, even during running, jumping and the other high-impact activities of an active childhood. KidZerts Children’s Heel Cups are also recommended for children from age 8 to 14 who are at risk of the painful heel issue called Sever’s disease, a condition that happens when growth plates in the heel become inflamed or irritated.


Sold as a pair, these inserts upgrade regular shoes into something special that protects growing feet, decreases pain and allows your child to maintain an active life without damaging his or her future foot health.