Basic Heel Pain Package

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  • Liquid Orthotics - Day Treatment - Wear in any closed back shoes any time you are walking

  • Soft Night Splint - Night Treatment - You get to choose which soft splint you want!

  • Foot Roller - Day Treatment - Roll under your feet at work or home to stretch the plantar fascia


(The only way to guarantee heel pain relief is if our customers use both DAY and NIGHT treatments. If you only buy a day treatment or a night treatment you will not recover completely.  When DAY and NIGHT treatments are used 95% of our customers get relief and that is why we can offer a 60 day pain free guarantee. If you don't get relief return the items for a refund... it's that easy!)

Is your Doctor as confused as you? Don’t Get Taken To The Bank By Your Podiatrist.

It is common to hear from customers that they have had multiple visits with Doctors and still have pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Most Doctors will inject cortizone to cover the pain, not fix the problem. They do this because you will keep coming back and spending hundreds of dollars to make the pain go away. Usually after several visits for cortizone injections they then recommend custom
orthotics for $300+

The key to successfully treating and eliminating Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain is Day & Night Treatment. The Plantar Fascia must be kept stretched during the day and while you sleep to avoid constant re-tearing/reinjury of the Fascia.

Because your foot is relaxed when sleeping it creates “slack” on the Fascia which in turn causes the Fascia to contract like a rubber band. When you wake in the morning and step out of bed you tear the Fascia that has contracted all night. This is why morning heel pain is so common... it is from re-injuring the Plantar Fascia every morning. A NIGHT SPLINT must be worn to prevent this and allow the healing to begin.

During the day you must also keep the Fascia stretched. Our Day Treatments (Liquid Orthotics & HTP Heel Seats) are very effective at stretching the Fascia while you are at home or work.

After several weeks the Plantar Fascia will be healed in the stretched position eliminating your heel pain! Sound simple? It is!



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*If you don't get relief within 60 days you are more than welcome to return the products for a refund.  Go to and everything is explained.  If you decide to keep some items in the package your refund will be less the retail cost of each item you keep.